Talking talent and training in 2030 and beyond with HR expert Nigel Jeremy

March 2022
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  • 5:38 - This is an opportunity for businesses to reshape and redesign their business. They've had a lot of employee shifting going on in the last 12, 18 months. There's an opportunity therefore to relook at their business and in doing so, start rethinking perhaps how serious they are about their corporate and social responsibility strategies.
  • 18:12 - The skill sets associated with big data analysis, building new technologies, I think those are going to massive. I think it's impossible to underestimate just how big that shift is going to be in the years to come.
  • 21:55 - My sense is that we will see a typical role by 2030 having two to three days in the office and two to three days at home, or in fact anywhere. I'm talking for office work obviously. I think we're on that journey, and by 2030 I think it will be seen as very arcane to think you have to be in the office four or five days a week.

Joe Kornik, Editor-in-Chief of VISION by Protiviti, sits down with Nigel Jeremy, a globally recognized expert within the HR and learning and development space for the last 30 years, to talk about people and the future of work. Nigel was the former Chief Learning Officer for British Airways and before that, plenty of other firms, including Marks & Spencer, a British multinational retailer with more than 78,000 employees that was voted most admired company for attracting, developing and retaining talent. Today, Nigel's a speaker and expert on the future of work as it relates to people, talent and learning and development.


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Experiencing a stellar HR career across some of the world’s biggest brands and latterly the Chief Learning Officer for British Airways, Nigel Jeremy is a globally recognised expert within the HR and Learning and Development profession. Nigel is a successful business author with a strong international reputation as a conference speaker in his fields of expertise. His speaking topics span all aspects of HR, with a particular focus on leadership, management and executive development, and the creation of employee-centric culture.

Nigel Jeremy
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