View from Down Under: NSW’s Chief Data Scientist on technology and the future of work

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March 2022


  • 4:05 - Increasingly, we are not just connecting with people, we’re also connecting with devices, and devices are connecting with devices. Those futuristic ideas of the Internet of things suddenly become much more significant, much more important.
  • 10:58 - AI will play an increasingly important role. The good thing is we’re still a long way from that point of singularity where AI is much, much smarter than human beings, but AI is increasingly good at doing mundane, repeatable tasks, but it’s moving up the value-creation stacks.
  • 17:42 - The issues we’ll be looking at in the world of 2050 will be very different issues: changing climate, aging, an urbanizing population. The issues, then, are going to be issues about inequality because the world has different access to resources, different access to medicines, different access to education. What we all need to get better at is thinking about a global community.

Ghislaine Entwisle, a Managing Director at Protiviti Australia and co-leader of the IT Advisory practice sits down with Dr. Ian Oppermann, the New South Wales Government’s chief data scientist working within the Department of Customer Service. Oppermann is also an industry professor at the University of Technology Sydney and served as CEO of the New South Wales Data Analytics Centre from 2015 to 2019 and is considered one of Australia’s leading thinkers on the digital economy and big data and an expert on the future impact of technology on society.

Dr. Ian Oppermann is the NSW Government’s Chief Data Scientist working within the Department of Customer Service. He is also an Industry Professor at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).  From 2015 to 2019, Ian was also the CEO of the NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC). Ian is considered a thought leader in the area of the Digital Economy and is a regular speaker on “Big Data”, broadband enabled services and the impact of technology on society.

Dr. Ian Oppermann
NSW Government Chief Data Scientist
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Ghislaine Entwisle has over seventeen years of experience in the Professional Services industry. She has undertaken a wide range of business consulting, IT consulting and IT audit assignments during this time. Ghislaine has broad experience across industries and within both the public sector and private sector. She has provided business and IT consulting and IT audit services for a number of international clients and local clients including a number of large private sector clients.

Ghislaine Entwisle
Managing Director, Protiviti Australia
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