View from the Vice Chair: Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris on how we’ll work in 2030 and beyond

Video interview
March 2022


  • 3:02 – Leadership, in particular, is going to have to be far more engaging and far more involved in defining what culture is all about.
  • 6:51 – I don’t think the talent shortage will be a problem by the time we get to 2030. This is a short-term phenomenon.
  • 13:12 – Last question: If you have a five-building campus, why wouldn’t you take one of those buildings and turn it into an early-childcare learning center?

Protiviti’s Fran Maxwell, Global Leader, Workforce and Organizational Transformation, interviews Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, about how we’ll work in 2030 and beyond. In her 30-year career, Harris has had extensive industry experiences in the technology, media, retail, telecommunications, transportation, industrial, and healthcare sectors. Maxwell and Harris cover plenty of ground including talent and technology as well as jobs and workplaces of the future, including her take on the Future of Work at Morgan Stanley.

Carla Harris is a Vice Chairman of Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She was most recently a Vice Chairman responsible for increasing client connectivity and penetration to enhance revenue generation across the firm. She formerly headed the Emerging Manager Platform, the equity capital markets effort for the consumer and retail industries and was responsible for Equity Private Placements. Harris has had extensive industry experiences in technology, media, retail, telecommunications, transportation and more.

Carla Harris
Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley
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Fran Maxwell is Global Lead of the People Advisory and Organizational Change segment within the Business Performance Improvement practice at Protiviti. Based in Phoenix, he brings more than 21 years of experience in human resources consulting. Before joining Protiviti, Fran held progressive leadership roles at Willis Towers Watson (previously Towers Watson), most recently as Managing Director – Market Leader and Client Management Leader.

Fran Maxwell
Managing Director, Protiviti
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