Breath of fresh air: A discussion with the founder of Nafas, an air-quality app in Indonesia

July 2022
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  • 5:00 - In 2024 there’s an Indonesian presidential election and we’re hoping that over the next two years we can raise awareness enough that during one of the debates, during one of the policy positions that the candidates have, air pollution is brought up as something that is important for them as part of their candidacy, and that would be a really big win for the country because up until this point, it hasn’t really been on the radar at all.
  • 13:50 - Baseball umpires make more mistakes on days where air pollution is high. The U.S. stock market brokers make worse decisions on days where air pollution is high. There are these things that have to do with our cognitive performance and immediate performance that just haven’t been fully researched yet. Once these come out, it’s going to be, I think, a mad dash for fixing this problem.
  • 18:05 - We’re getting to the point now where, in certain departments, folks working there are saying, “Look, this is a big problem. This is not something that we can solve by ourselves and we need to start forming coalitions and we need to start looking at this thing a little bit more creatively than before."

In this VISION by Protiviti podcast, Joe Kornik, Editor-in-Chief of VISION, welcomes Piotr Jakubowski, founder of Nafas, an air-quality company and app built for Jakarta, which has notoriously poor air quality. In fact, it’s some of the worst on the planet, creating significant health risks for the city’s nearly 11 million residents. The Nafas app offers users real time air quality data so they can make intelligent decisions about the air they breathe. In this discussion, Kornik and Jakubowski discuss how the quality and safety of the air—both outdoors and indoors—impact our health, wellness and cognitive performance. In short, better air quality leads to better results. What can business leaders do to make sure their companies are part of the solution, not the problem?


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Piotr Jakubowski is the Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Nafas, the air-quality app built For Jakarta so people can be aware of the air they breathe, and the impact that the quality of air has on their health and their life. He has been tasked with bringing marketing excellence and innovation to the GO-JEK family of products and services. Piotr manages the in-house marketing team across creative, social, media buying, public relations, digital and above the line activities. He also sits on the management board, bringing consumer insights and communications innovation to the GO-JEK family of products and services.

Piotr Jakubowski
Founder, Nafas
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