Inside Virbela's open campus: One way we could work in a metaverse future

Video interview
July 2023


  • 1:18 - Open campus is one of many virtual worlds built by Virbela, most of them private. OC is unique in that it's free and open to the public. It showcases the art of the possible with the platform and it's home to an active community of users, including the entire Virbela team.
  • 4:25 - Not only can we move our digital selves around something we can't do on video calls, we can choose our preferred modality. All of that helps us to feel embodied in the world and our avatars. We're active participants, not just passive observers.
  • 5:14 - We're trying to open this space up as a virtual co-shared space for people to come in, sit, work and exchange ideas.

Protiviti Director Kathie Topel dons her avatar and goes into the metaverse with Sarah Segrest, VIP of Community for Virbela's open campus where she serves as community organizer and facilitator. Open campus, or OC, showcases the art of the possible for virtual worlds that support healthy, thriving, human-centric communities. The purpose of the community is centered around the future of work, the future of education and virtual community building. Follow along with Kathie and Sarah to learn more!


Sarah Segrest is VIP of Community for Virbela's Open Campus (OC) where she serves as community organizer and facilitator for the community in OC. OC showcases the art of the possible for virtual worlds that support healthy, thriving, human-centric communities. Segrest is a learning futurist and technology consultant who leads corporate strategies for future growth, technology and community-building. An advocate for bridging gaps in equity, inclusivity and diversity, especially in Education and STEAM fields, Segrest is Founder of Octosmos, a consulting & services company connecting the dots for education, technology and nonprofit organizations.

Sarah Segrest
VIP of Community, Virbela
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Kathie Topel is a director with Protiviti’s Business Performance Improvement practice and is a visionary leader with 20-plus years in business transformation, innovative strategy, organizational change management, process design and efficiency and technology solutions. She is known for advising and supporting organizations to fundamentally change the way they operate and dramatically improve their performance and results. Kathie is an expert at working with and developing cross-functional teams that can perform at exceptional levels.

Kathie Topel
Director, Protiviti
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