Lamina1 CEO says open metaverse, blockchain optimization key to unlocking online future

Video interview
May 2023


  • "At the layer one level, people should care because blockchain really can give businesses the confidence to be able to track things accurately, to release payments to their suppliers, to automate programmed aspects of any given agreement and its fulfillment."
  • "I think, from a humanity perspective, it's really, really important, and the more that that message starts to resonate, the more that consumers will start to ask for privacy and ownership and agency around their identity and their assets as we move through the internet."
  • "We believe in this world where we have this window, this narrow opportunity in this transition from Web 2 where we can really restore and right the wrongs, some of the things we sacrificed as an exchange for global access to information and entertainment. This is an opportunity to change things."

Emerging technology and entertainment executive Rebecca Barkin sits down to discuss her role as CEO of Lamina1 and what attracted her to the company, a layer 1 blockchain providing builders and creators a usable framework to create an "open metaverse" for a better online future. Lamina1 was co-founded by Neal Stephenson, who coined the word “metaverse” in his 1992 sci-fi novel Snow Crash.

In this interview:

1:25 – New era of digital life

3:48 – Lamina1 and the open metaverse

9:31 – The creator economy

11:55 – Biggest concerns

13:50 – An optimistic 2030

16:03 – Neal Stephenson’s vision


Rebecca Barkin

Emerging technology and entertainment executive Rebecca Barkin brings over 20 years of experience shaping creative strategy, product, and immersive experiences to her role as CEO of Lamina1. Prior to joining L1, Barkin served as VP of Content Strategy & Partner Solutions at the groundbreaking immersive venue Madison Square Garden Sphere, where she played a key role in bringing transportive experiences to life. Barkin also held leadership roles at Augmented Reality (AR) pioneer Magic Leap, where she led the rebrand and award-winning product design for the enterprise-focused Magic Leap 2 and drove the development of AR experiences with premium partners, including Alibaba, Weta, Warner Bros, and HBO’s Game of Thrones. Named one of South Florida's 2020 influential businesswomen by the South Florida Business Journal, Barkin plays an active role in mentoring female leaders with her involvement in Chief — an organization designed for senior women pioneers to strengthen their leadership journey.

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