Future of cities: The view from the Microsoft Technology Center

Video interview
October 25, 2021


  • 3:50 – Connectivity will be key: “I think we’re really starting to see the end of the office as we know it. In place of that we’re going to see more people permanently working from home. So, the question then becomes: how can you have the same experience at home that you would in the office? It’s happening now but by 2030, it will be a major trend."
  • 10:05 – Infrastructure and the internet as a universal human right: “when it’s commoditized, can really go a long way to levelling the playing field. So, I think a lot of the investments in infrastructure are really designed to help start closing some of these income and performance gaps that we currently see.”
  • 21:12 – So close and yet so far: “You’re going to see this idea of community, emoji and technology merging in a way that even if we are remote, we’re going to be closer than ever. In the future, you’re going to see a stronger sense of community, but also more virtualization coming together in some unexpected ways."

In this video, Kathie Topel, a Director with Protiviti’s Business Performance Improvement practice, interviews Charles Drayton, the Chief Technical Architect and Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead at the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago where he helps customers transform the way they engage their patients, employees and partners. Charles shares his views on healthcare, real estate and demographic shifts spurred by COVID, and introduces his special guest Pria, a healthcare robot. Watch above.


Charles Drayton
Chief Technical Architect and Healthcare and Life Sciences Lead
Microsoft Technology Center

Charles Drayton is the Chief Technical Architect and Healthcare & Life Sciences Experience Lead at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Chicago, Illinois. The MTC is comprised of 50 facilities worldwide that provide specialty consulting to help customers achieve more through innovation. Some of the core engagements available at the MTC include envisioning workshops, advisory briefings, change management seminars, architecture designs, Proofs of Concept, hackathons, and design thinking sessions to help customers optimize their investment in Microsoft technology. Charles is the creator and designer of the Intelligent Healthcare Experience, which is the largest showcase of healthcare technology anywhere at Microsoft. Charles has an extensive background in retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. Learn more about the MTC at www.microsoft.com/mtc

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