How Los Angeles is shaping the future of the urban air mobility movement

Video interview
October 25, 2021


  • 1:50 – The three E's: “We had a vision to make Los Angeles being the technology transportation capital of the world around three key themes: equity, environment, and the economy.”
  • 12:03 – Up off the ground: “Then FAA is expected to certify an urban air mobility aircraft in 2023 and if that goes well, a lot of operators are looking at the year 2024 to get this off the ground.”
  • 14:35 – Leading the way: “Right now, transportation is a way to move around L.A., sometimes very slowly. Through the use of transportation technology, I’m optimistic L.A. will be a model for other cities to follow in 2030 and beyond.”

Los Angeles is where dreams become reality—and seamlessly integrating air mobility into a city-wide, sustainable and equitable urban transportation network may just be the next dream come true in Los Angeles. Watch this video where Joe Kornik, VISION by Protiviti’s Editor-in-Chief, discusses the possibilities with two LA officials—Julia Thayne DeMordaunt, an executive officer focused on mobility innovation in the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, and Clint Harper, Los Angeles air mobility fellow.

Julia Thayne DeMordaunt is an executive officer with focus on mobility innovation in the office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. She is an expert at the leading edge of systemic change for transportation policy and programs helping governments, private companies and not-for-profit organizations translate ambitious visions into actionable plans that benefit the communities they impact.

Julia Thayne DeMordaunt
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Clint Harper is an Urban Air Mobillity Fellow with the City of Los Angeles.

Clint Harper
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