Lessons in leadership from a former mayor: Successful cities of the future

Video interview
October 25, 2021


  • 6:30 – The AV club: “A full integration of autonomous vehicles is probably more than a decade away, but when it comes it will have a drastic effect on how cities function. Nothing is going to change the design and use of a city more than the autonomous vehicle. I just think the integration is going to be messy."
  • 13:20 – From a branding perspective: “An NBA team gave us sort of a superficial level of equality with cities we had never been mentioned with before. People think of you differently because they know the NBA doesn’t choose its cities randomly and that special things must be happening, and indeed, they were."
  • 16:40 – Listen to young people: “Highly educated twenty-somethings are going to drive the technology that’s going to lead our economy over the next generation and beyond. Older people vote, and you’ve got to be able to convince older people to build a city for younger people. A lot of mayors miss out on that."

“One of the things you’ve got to do is convince older people to build a city for younger people.” One of the most successful city mayors in the U.S., former Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett, shares insights on how to build a city that’s modern, attractive, successful and healthy. Watch Mayor Mick in conversation with Joe Kornik, Editor-in-Chief of VISION by Protiviti.


Mick Cornett
Former Mayor
Oklahoma City

Mick Cornett was the the mayor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, between 2004-2018. He was the first mayor in Oklahoma City history to be elected to four terms and remains the longest-serving mayor among the 50 largest cities in America. Cornett was cited as one of the most honoured mayors in the history of the United States. An international panel named him as the No.2 mayor in the world during his service. Furthermore, Newsweek magazine referred to him as one of the "Five Most Innovative Mayors in the United States," among many other notable titles in magazines such as Politico and Governing.

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