How to build safer and more sustainable smart cities of the future

Video interview
October 25, 2021


  • 3:28 – We are at an inflection point where: “Cities are becoming the focus of the human experience. The good news is that we have the technology to meet our needs, and the challenges are big but certainly the opportunities are sizable, too."
  • 4:40 – Economic shifts in the aftermath of COVID: “What does the tax based for a city look like. Is the way they’ve been gathering revenue and spending money something that is going to continue or are they going to have to think differently about what financial stability looks like?"
  • 18:50 – Programmable cities: “Can we change an area of a city to go from a loading zone to a thoroughfare to maybe a soccer field on Sundays? Geospatial capability will enable this to happen. Everyone will have localization capability in their hands by the end of the decade, if not sooner. We can change the nature of cities, almost program them. We can expect that by 2030.”

Smart cities will create some $2.5 trillion of opportunity by 2025. The convergence of technology, such as AI, machine learning, and big data are disrupting how people move around cities and how cities interact with those people. In this video, VISION by Protiviti's Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik discusses this and other smart city opportunities with three expert panelists: Vaibhav Ghadiok, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Hayden AI; Renee Autumn Ray, Strategy and Innovation leader at Conduent; and Jonathan Reichental, professor, bestselling author and smart cities expert. 

Renee Autumn Ray is a Strategy and Innovation leader at Conduent.

Renee Autumn Ray
Strategy & Innovation Leader, Conduent
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Vaibhav Ghadiok is Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Hayden AI.

Vaibhav Ghadiok
Co-Founder & VP, Engineering at Hayden AI
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Jonathan Reichental is a professor, bestselling author and smart cities expert.

Jonathan Reichental
Professor, best-selling author
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