Scott Laliberte and Krissy Safi on privacy, security and the connected smart city

October 25, 2021
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  • 4:35 – Devices bridging the logical and physical world: “It’s not just the data that we have to worry about, but these devices are able to perform actions that can have implications on human life and safety.”
  • 12:20 – Corporate responsibility and data: “A lot of companies want to take that data and figure out how to monetize it and when you're monetizing it, a lot of times that’s when you potentially could be crossing the line.”
  • 22:10 – Consumers can drive change: “Consumers have the power. If they stop using companies that aren’t careful with the data or putting products out that aren’t secure or they're putting people at risk, they need to take action.”

Worst-case scenario, best-case-scenario—what exactly are we in for when the Internet of Things takes over our cities’ traffic, power grid and other infrastructure on a mass scale? Can the enormous possibilities outweigh the risks? Two Protiviti experts—Scott Laliberte, Global Leader of Protiviti’s Emerging Technology Group, and Krissy Safi, Managing Director and Global Practice Lead for Attack & Penetration Testing at Protiviti, join Joe Kornik, VISION by Protiviti’s Editor-in-Chief, to analyze some possible scenarios and the important questions we’ll need to answer to avoid the worst of them.


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Scott Laliberte is the Global Leader of Protiviti’s Emerging Technology Group. Scott and his team enable clients to leverage emerging technologies and methodologies to innovate, while helping organizations transform and succeed by focusing on business value and managing risk. His team specializes in many technological areas, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, internet of things, cloud, blockchain, and quantum computing. In previous roles at Protiviti, Scott was the global leader of Protiviti's Cyber Security Practice and Attack and Penetration Labs. 

Scott Laliberte
Managing Director, Protiviti
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Krissy Safi is Managing Director and Global Practice Lead for Attack & Penetration Testing at Protiviti. An ethical hacker turned business leader, Krissy is a creative thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit driving the development of multi-million dollar security practices for both the private and public sector. Krissy has nearly two decades of information security experience across all domains of security in support of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies throughout numerous international locations.

Krissy Safi
Managing Director, Protiviti
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