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October 25, 2021
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  • 1:53 – How real is the remote work revolution? “I think it’s a good thing for cities that we are seeing employers returning and not throwing away their real estate portfolios as some of those CEOs threatened to do early on.”
  • 6:00 – A Cambrian explosion of new types of devices: “The real use case for autonomy is not going to be the self-driving car but rather this new type of species for urban robotics for delivery, for conveyance of things, personal scooters… The idea that you walk out of a building and tap a button and a personal vehicle of any size will come to you is really powerful.”
  • 14:20 – Optimism about cities in 2030: “Cities survived the pandemic. They survived every pandemic before that, but they survived a pandemic coupled with the technology that for 50 years we thought would render cities obsolete.”

Is suburban commercial real estate dying out? How do we solve climate change for the “bottom one billion”? And will the French ever love Champs-Élysées? In this podcast, Joe Kornik, Director of Brand Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of VISION by Protiviti is joined by Greg Lindsay, a senior fellow at NewCities, Director of Strategy for LA CoMotion, and a visiting scholar at New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, to discuss these questions and more. Greg is a futurist, urbanist, author, journalist, and all-around expert in how cities of tomorrow will look, feel and function.


Follow the VISION by Protiviti podcast where we put megatrends under the microscope and look into the future to examine the strategic implications of those transformational shifts that will impact the C-suite and executive boardrooms worldwide. In this ongoing series, we invite some of today’s most innovative and insightful thinkers — from both inside and outside Protiviti — to share their vision of the future and explore how today’s big ideas will impact business over the next decade and beyond.

Greg Lindsay is a senior fellow at NewCities, where he has explored the future of connected mobility and mixed-use development on behalf of Toyota and Brookfield Properties, respectively. He is also a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Foresight, Strategy and Risks Initiative, where he studies the intersection of cities, technology, climate change, and national security.

Greg Lindsay
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